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Christina Sell Workshop


Christina Sell Workshop Power of Practice Intermediate/ Advanced Practice Workshop February 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Designed to be a new paradigm in yoga education, The Power of Practice Course uses the love of asana practice as a doorway to inner exploration, self-acceptance, and discernment. Central to this format of learning is the academic discussion of the postures and their sequence coupled with the experiential learning of shared and personal asana practice. Each day will incorporate inspiration, education and perspiration to provide holistic learning experience to experienced practitioners who want to learn how to advance their practice intelligently. Christina, known for her ability to creatively and clearly synthesize and articulate yogic principles from a variety of traditions will outline the practice sequence in advance and practice with the group while providing demonstrations, explanations and modifications. Attendance at all sessions is recommended. Morning Sessions will generally focus on the more dynamic work of back bending and arm balancing. The Afternoon Sessions will focus on hip opening, forward bending and inverted postures. Daily Schedule: 9:30-12:30: Sequence Review and Guided Practice 12:30-2:00: Lunch 2:00-5:00: Sequence Review and Guided Practice Investment: Early bird discount: Full Sessions - RM1100 / Per Session - RM200 After 1st Jan 2015: Full Sessions - RM1300 / Per Session - RM230 Maybank : 514879056696 (Inspired Yoga Studio) To register, please contact or pm in facebook Foo: +6012-2205512 Junko: +6016-3270307 Email: Venue : Inspired Yoga Studio (Limited Space Available)


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